Hello beautiful souls!! So glad you’re here! 🤩 There’s definitely a lot to checkout. • You can find out a little bit about me and my story and inspiration. • You can read about my passion for living our lives being exactly who we are! • You can sign up for my email (and you definitely should, lol). • You can read my blog (I try to keep up with it, haha). • You can see all of my past art in the Gallery. • And you can definitely shop for my latest creations.

I asked you to this page first though, because I wanted to explain why I don’t have much new art listed for sale here on my website.

I am a Facebook junkie, lol, I just adore the actual interaction and conversation we can have there! There’s real connection that happens on Facebook that just doesn’t happen here! I’m constantly updating and posting works in progress there and, honestly, most of my new art sells on Facebook, before it even makes it here to my website.

So I’d LOVE for you to visit me there! My Facebook Art page is @Debsoromenho.art. I post all my new work there and share in progress work and timelapse videos, fun sketches, give-aways, the works!