Yes, that did require all caps, lol, I’m freaking out both good and bad. I’m crazy excited to be starting a mermaid oracle deck, but also freaked out at the idea of such a big project.

It’s going to be filled with all my mermaid watercolors, highlighting all of our personality types, our desires, loves, and fears, and focusing on celebrating them as a part of who we are. Acknowledging them and flaunting them unapologetically. Using them to look within and without and helping us get through this amazing journey we call life.

I really hope you are as excited as I am and want follow along. I’m thinking of starting a kickstarter so that I can get things going quicker and really do it right. Beautifully printed cards printed on amazing card stock with special cases and lots of extras to make it really special.

Be sure to follow me here on my blog and also on my socials FB, IG, LI to keep updated on new mermaids and deck progress. Here’s the first 2 mermaids for your enjoyment. Prints of them are available for purchase also, just email or DM me! Originals will be available through my kickstarter, so don’t miss out on those! I’ll announce when they are ready.


She’s an ancient, ethereal creature.

She knows things of the deep that we cannot imagine
and yet is innocent of the simplest things from above.

She is more adventurous than her kin though,
she swims further, pushes boundaries, seeks adventure.

Ever curious, she reaches out in wonder
at what is floating at the surface of her world.

What will she find.



Don’t tell her she can’t.

Don’t tell her to be good.

Don’t expect her to play by the rules.

She is mischief incarnate.
A mermaid who fears nothing and lives for a challenge!

If you can, be her friend, she’ll bring you into her circle as a confidant
and you’ll have the best times of your life.