Everything I do is inspired by my insatiable curiosity and my obsession with all the wonders of our world; the beauty of woodlands and deserts and oceans, the power of ancient cities and mystical places and the diversity of all living things.

I believe we become better people when we reach out and really embrace our world, when we make it a point to learn about other cultures and discover everything we can about the amazing planet we live on. 

I just happen to create art that, in itself, is a journey of curiosity and discovery. Wanna come along?

I work in pen & ink, and watercolor. Combining the soft fluidity of watercolor with the bold lines of pen & ink speaks to the yin yang inside of me! Mandala elements are a big part of my art; I love the calming, peaceful feelings they evoke.

With brave wings she flies. Me with my wings illustration.

Be Fearless, Be Original, Be You!

I’d like to take this space to advocate for our right to be exactly who we are; boldly, proudly, and unapologetically.

I spent many years being what I though others wanted me to be or what I thought I “should be”.

I don’t want a single other person to have to go through this. Do not sacrifice your true happiness, your joy, your life, trying to be someone other than exactly who you are!

Do not be afraid! Any criticism or judgement will only come from people who you are not aligned with and you don’t have to keep them in your life. If they are family, remember, you are not obligated to respond or even communicate with them. They do not have power over you!

Be yourself! Life is way too short to sacrifice one more minute trying to please others.

Say to yourself: This is me! If you don’t like it, that’s fine, I don’t need your approval. I love myself and that’s all that matters!

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