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Hey there gorgeous! Let’s get together in your inbox once a week to catch up.

I get it, we’re all damn busy these days and definitely don’t have time to hang out on social all the time, lol.

So why don’t we stay in touch by email. I’ll fill you in on everything new and you can read at your leisure and check out just the things that catch your eye!

I’ll share new art and give you first crack at giveaways and promotions. Sometimes, there’ll be special promotions just for you!!

PLUS!!!! Starting 2021, I’ll be on the road part time in my motorhome studio and will be painting and sharing adventures from the road. I’m super freaking excited about that.

I also love to throw in extras like Oracle card pulls and trivia about the things I paint. And I’ll always share my inspiration.

Oh, and I promise not to share your info, spam you with crap, or bore you to tears! 🙂

“Art for those who see the world through their own unique lens!”


You can also follow along with my blog and connect via my social accounts for updates and important info, stories, photos, fun facts, progress videos and more! FBIGLI