blue peafowl peacock watercolor

Aaaaahhhh!!!! My very first peacock!!!! 🦚

Omgosh you guys! I had a vision in my head; I really wanted to capture an ethereal feeling in the painting and focus on the lighting surrounding this majestic blue peacock! 🤩

I do think I did him justice! 😊

Several hues of beautiful blues with metallic gold accents! ✨ And, of course, a subtle gold mandala backdrop to help ground him and add that amazing mandala magic!! 🖤

(Did you know there are three types of peacocks? Blue, Green, and Congo!!)

He is absolutely available and looking for his forever home! 😁

5” x 6.75” original watercolor on watercolor paper

$75 + shipping

He’d look amazing with a nice wiiiide matt and frame! 🖤

Click here to purchase! 😘

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