Jorge Peacock watercolor

It’s amazing how certain instances in life make a huge impact. They create emotions and feelings that stay with you forever. It’s especially magical when those instances come to life in a painting.

I have a memory of one of those instances. It has stayed with me for years. It still feels special after all this time.

It’s a memory of sitting in the courtyard of Castle São Jorge in Lisbon, Portugal, and noticing a peacock sitting on the edge of the castle wall.

He was perfectly still. He wasn’t concerned with the tourists or the children running around. He was just sitting, basking in the sun, completely sure of his magnificence. 

I was mesmerized. 

The contrast of this graceful creature with his colorful feathers against the crumbling castle walls was a magical combination. 

Seeing him, on his regal perch, alongside the gnarled, ancient olive trees, took me to another world. A romantic fantasy world filled with magic and wonder.

Do you have any special memories of peacocks?


“Jorge” (you pronounce the J in Portuguese language)

Original watercolor on canvas

24”x 24” 1.5” gallery wrapped canvas

Wax sealed so that it is moisture proof and can be hung as is, no glass or frame required.

$750 + shipping

“Jorge” is available for purchase in my shop.

“Jorge” A peacock in a castle on a hill.
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