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painting Jorge the peacock

You may not have thought about this before, but owning original art is the highest form of self care.

Hear me out… when the effects of your massage have faded, when your chocolate is gone, when your candles are spent, your art will still be there, bringing you magic and joy and healing for the rest of your life.

An original piece of art is especially powerful because it is LITERALLY the only one that exists on the planet!

Doesn’t that take your breath away?!! 😍

The INSPIRATION and MAGIC and POWER and HEALING that went into every stroke of that painting is yours alone!

That blows my freaking mind! 🤯🤩

Art is definitely not a “luxury”, it is a necessity. It is what makes the world go around.

We enjoy and are moved by art daily, so we should embrace it and see it as one of the priorities in life!

So when you see a piece of art that moves you, jump on it, do not hesitate. Find a way to bring it into your life and treasure it! ✨

Bask in its power and magic every day! ✨

Do not underestimate its effect on your well being! ✨

Don’t you agree? Isn’t this an idea that needs to be spread?

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Art is Self Care!
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