always be yourself

Never, ever water yourself down!

On the left is watered down Deb. 39 years old and just going through the motions of life. Being who others expected her to be and clearly not truly happy.

On the right is 54 year old Deb living life out loud, being her true self unapologetically! Tattooed, pierced, purple hair, shaved head, badass artist, growing and reaching my full potential every fucking day!

I don’t even recognize the person on the left. I feel better and frankly, look better, than I did 15 years ago! And I’ve never been happier!

I wish I could’ve come to this place earlier, but I’m so happy that I have finally broken free of the need to fit a mold.

My story is long and complicated, but that’s for another time. This post is to celebrate International Women’s Day and applaud all the women who break the mold in whatever way that is right for them!

Whether it’s fighting for the right to vote or breastfeed in public or have equal pay or just the right to be our true selves without judgment or scorn.

I love you all and wish for you the courage to break free of the mold you feel yourself stuck in. 💪🏼💜💋

Do you have a story of growth, empowerment, or breaking free of a mold you felt stuck in? I would really love to hear it! ✨ shoot me an email and tell me your story!

Happy International Women’s Day! 💜