YInMn blue color

A new blue was created for the first time in 200 years! 😱 💙

As common as we think blue is, it is rarely found in nature and is very difficult to create. Cobalt was the last blue to be created and that was in 1802 and was quite toxic.

This new blue was created by accident in 2009 and is a gorgeous, brilliant and very opaque blue! It has just been approved for use in artist paints, that’s why the 12 year delay in the breaking news, lol.

The name is YInMn Blue. The odd name comes from the elements that were combined to create it. Yttrium, indium, and manganese! How freaking amazing is that!

I had no idea, even as an artist, that a unique color of blue was so difficult to create. Blue is a primary and can’t be created by mixing two other colors, like green or purple. Cool, huh!!! 🤩

You can read more here: https://apple.news/A2DVIwguvSPa65IbBI–Ncw

Whaaaaa?!!! Did you know…