unicorn spirit skull watercolor

Here he is guys! 🖤 Unicorn Spirit Skull 🦄💀✨ I‘m so super happy! 🤩 I wasn’t originally planning on going so bright but the paints had other plans, lol. I’m kinda in love with him.

🦄 Unicorns are for the pure of heart….

🦄💀 A unicorn skull is for those who aren’t so pure, haha! — for those who like to push boundaries, stir things up and cause a little (or maybe a lot of) mischief! ……iiiiin a glittery, magical sort of way! ✨

Can you relate?

Are you more unicorn or, like me, more unicorn skull? 🖤

This mischievous, magical creature is looking for his keeper! Is it you?

He’s surrounded by bright color to celebrate the life he no longer has and adorned with dark flowers to honor his death!

His horn has the slightest metallic sparkle, just a touch of gold to subtly highlight his magic!! 🥰

Unicorn Spirit Skull

9”x9” original watercolor on 100% cotton rag paper

$150 + shipping

Click to purchase or shoot me an email with questions.

It looks great with or without a matt!

Unicorn Spirit Skull
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