It’s DAMM time!

*yup, I still giggle every time I say “It’s DAMM time!” 😉

Hello beautiful friends! Come join me for a few minutes of distraction and relaxation. We all need a little of that right now, don’t we! 🙂

I’m going live every morning on my main Facebook profile feed: Deb Soromenho to share a little peace of mind in the form of freeform mandalas and stories.

This is not a traditional meditation exercise. It’s a meditation mandala. You can follow along with me and draw your very own mandala or you can just watch me draw one and listen to my daily stories.

Drawing mandalas forces you to focus solely on the lines and shapes you’re making on the paper. Its repetitive nature allows you to draw w/o worrying about placement or design too much. No artistic abilities are needed. 🙂

Watching an art video is very calming in itself, so if you’re not up to drawing your own mandala, just watching me methodically form the lines and shapes of the mandala is super relaxing. Listening to my stories gives your brain a nice break from the chaos of the day.

I first started drawing mandalas because I could not meditate in the traditional way. Mandalas allowed me to clear my head and do at least a form of meditation. They can do the same for you!

10:30am cst

I try to make it at 10:30am, sometimes it’ll vary though. I always post an announcement of the actual time about 15 minutes prior.

Here’s the direct link to my facebook profile. Deb Soromenho Facebook

Here’s the link to the facebook event so that you can see it on your event calendar. DAMM Time Draw A Meditation Mandala

Below I’ve made a simple circle template for you to use, just print it and place it underneath the paper you’re drawing on. You’ll be able to see the lines faintly through the paper, but enough to act as a guide. We’re not looking for perfection here, just relaxation.

Click on the image to open full size, then right-click to save and print 8.5″x11″
DAMM – Draw a Meditation Mandala 😉
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