I’m creating an oracle deck! 🔮 But not just any old oracle deck, a Mermaid Oracle deck!! 🧜🏼‍♀️

My vision for the deck is to help us accept and embrace all aspects of our selves; the good, the bad, and everything in between!!

In celebration of this journey of creation and discovery, I’ve created a special Facebook group to talk all things oracle, mermaid, and empowerment.

And you are officially invited to join! I can’t wait to see you there! All Our Mermaid Selves

Below is a little bit about my inspiration, but watch the video for a full explanation!

My vision for the Mermaid Oracle deck is to be able to use it to celebrate and help guide us through navigating all the different aspects of our personality. All our quirks, all our moods, all parts of our selves. All Our Mermaid Selves! 😀

To learn to look inward and know why we have certain traits. To help focus on how to make the best of who we are, in all of our glorious personalities!

Mermaids, to me, are the perfect way to represent this concept. They are a perfect mix of fantasy and real. They are fantastical creatures, but they are half human and so seem more real and grounded than other fantasy creatures.

We feel a connection with them and can identify with them. There are so many different types of mermaids, the almost every culture in the world has their versions in lore and history, and that made them a perfect choice to depict all the different personalities within us.

Also, they are just awesome, lol, who doesn’t love mermaids?! (ok, maybe someone out there doesn’t, but they probably hate on everything, haha)

Please join me on this journey of creating this deck. I’ll be sharing all things mermaid, mystical, empowering and so much more! FacebookInstagramNewsletter

Don’t forget to join the All Our Mermaid Selves Facebook group! This is the link to join! www.facebook.com/groups/OurMermaidSelves

And, PLEASE, share with everyone you think would benefit and love to be a part of this process.

Sneak peak at a mermaid already completed. Mischief Mermaid

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