Welcome to the blog section of my website. I’m so glad you’re here!

I’ll be honest, I’m not a very good blogger. I’m just not consistant that way, lol. I will try to stop by and chat as often as possible (read: when I remember) but when I do I will promise to not be boring or waste your time! 🙂

I love to share interesting facts and unusual things about our world. I love to try and share things you may not know (and I LOVE to hear about it when you do know them)

I’ll also update you on major happenings with my art. More day to day things will be shared on social, by FB and my IG particularly but also LI if you use that too.

Anyhoo! Let’s take this journey together. We’ll explore and discover and fill our minds and souls with all the amazing things our world has to offer. Afterall, that’s what my art is all about and why, I hope, you’re here.

My art is for people inspired by the natural world, those who are obsessed with things of curiosity and fantasy and magic, who love woodlands & deserts & oceans, and dream of mystical spaces & far off places.

Ahhh, you’re here!