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Taking you on a journey and helping you connect with the mysteries of the natural world through my mindful, inquisitive art.

Wanna see my art in person?

Wanna see my art in person?

Past events and exhibitions: Monkey Nest Coffee – month of December 2019 5353 Burnet Road, Austin TX Cedar Park Pottery –  month of January 2020 600 S. Bell Blvd #5, Cedar Park TX EAST 2019 – November 16–17 & 23–24, 2019 I’ll

Mermaid Oracle Deck

Mermaid Oracle Deck

I’M MAKING A MERMAID ORACLE DECK!!! Yes, that did require all caps, lol, I’m freaking out both good and bad. I’m crazy excited to be starting a mermaid oracle deck, but also freaked out at the idea of such a

dragonfly mandala watercolor deb soromenho

Will My Watercolor Painting Last?

Watercolor is a longlasting painting medium on par with some oil and acrylic paintings.

Tell me your thoughts.

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I love this design! I purchased a print from Deb Soromenho a while ago after seeing this drawing! Love her style and mandalas!

Stacy Rausch

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