Do you see the world from a different point of view?

Do you find the beauty in the unusual & the story in the hidden?

Are you driven by exploration and discovery; of yourself and the world around you?

Me too! I’m so glad we’ve connected.

I love to express our unique view of the world in my art.

I strive to stretch your perception and transport you to a world you may not recognize but will fall in love with.

Wanna see my art in person?

Wanna see my art in person?

Past events and exhibitions: Monkey Nest Coffee – month of December 2019 5353 Burnet Road, Austin TX Cedar Park Pottery –  month of January 2020 600 S. Bell Blvd #5, Cedar Park TX EAST 2019 – November 16–17 & 23–24, 2019 I’ll

Mermaid Oracle Deck

Mermaid Oracle Deck

I’M MAKING A MERMAID ORACLE DECK!!! Yes, that did require all caps, lol, I’m freaking out both good and bad. I’m crazy excited to be starting a mermaid oracle deck, but also freaked out at the idea of such a

dragonfly mandala watercolor deb soromenho

Will My Watercolor Painting Last?

Watercolor is a longlasting painting medium on par with some oil and acrylic paintings.

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I love this design! I purchased a print from Deb Soromenho a while ago after seeing this drawing! Love her style and mandalas!

Stacy Rausch

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